Vision & Mission

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“Excellent Federation for Sustainable SACCOS in Nepal.”


NEFSCUN provides competitive financial service, training & education, supplies, e-solution & quality assurance to promote & strengthen of members for socio-economic development of the people.


SACCOS & their District Unions, which follow the International Credit Union Operating Principles and Values and registered under the Cooperative Act as single purpose savings and credit cooperatives are eligible for membership. Now NEFSCUN represents more than 21,00,000 individual members from 2,462 affiliated District Unions & SACCOS, covering 73 districts out of 75 in Nepal. NEFSCUN strives to increase its outreach in the coming days implementing different types of promotional activities, training and Education.


NEFSCUN is a regular member of the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Union (ACCU) since 1998, the Centre for International Cooperation and Training in Agricultural Banking (CICTAB) since 2004 and the National Cooperative Federation (NCF) since 1993.

The following are the major financial sources of NEFSCUN:
•     Entrance Fee, Member’s share, Member’s savings, Membership renewal fee.
•     Service fees: e.g. for training and education, software support, ACCESS Branding, PROBATION, etc.
•      Interest from Central Finance Facility/Interlending (Banking Function).
•      NEFSCUN- Mutual Aid Program (N-MAP).
•      Stationery Sales and Services.
•      Software Sales and services.
•      Financial support from Government of Nepal.
•      Development Program supports from different national and international development partners.


NEFSCUN provides the following services to its members.

(a) Financial Services:

  • CFFI (Inter-lending) Program & Financial Intermediation.
  • NEFSCUN Mutual Aid Program.

(b) Non-Financial Services:

  • Advocacy, Lobbying and Networking.
  • Training and Education.
  • NECOS Plus Software.
  • ACCESS Branding.
  • PROBATION as quality assuring tools.
  • Policy Development and facilitation.
  • Micro-Finance Program.
  • 3P (PEARLS, Policy & Planning) Plus
  • Stationery Services.
  • Information center for SACCOS Development.
  • Diverse Management & consultancy services.
  • Credit Union Directors Competency Course (CUDCC).
  • Credit Union Managers Competency Course (CUMCC).
  • Credit Union Loan Officers Competency Course (CULCC)
  • Inhouse Education & Institutional Development


The development partners joining hands with NEFSCUN to contribute to make changes are:

  • Government & Non-Government National & International Organization in Nepal.
  • World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU)
  • Association of Credit Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU)
  • Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA)
  • Agriterra Netherlands.
  • Bio-Gas Support Program Nepal
  • Micro Insurance Association the Netherlands (MIAN)
  • MercyCrops Nepal
  • Centre for International Cooperation & Training in Agricultural Banking. (CICTAB)
  • UKaid & European Union
  • Helvetas Nepal/SAMI
  • Banking with poor (Australia)

1. Democratic Structure
a)    Open & Voluntary Membership
b)    Democratic Control
c)    Non-Discrimination

2. Service to Members
a)    Service to Members
b)    Distribution to Members
c)    Building Financial Stability

3. Social Goals
a)    On-going Education
b)    Cooperation among Cooperatives
c)    Social Responsibility