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Enhancing the services providing to the member SACCOS ACCESS brand is one of the key tools to institutionalized the SACCOS. ACCESS is the abbreviation form of A1 Competitive Choice for Excellence in Service and Soundness. ACCESS help the SACCOS with the critical insight and build the optimal organization wide brand strategy. SACCOS become sustainable and competitive institutions by improving operational efficiency, maintained safe and sound financial position ensuring knowledgeable board and satisfied staffs.

ACCESS analyze the SACCOS by the four different perspective. Under those p Financial perspective relevant key indicators of PEARLS are used to make SACCOS safety and soundness. In Member Prospective, attestation is drawn to develop quality products and service, based on the member needs and interests. It is highly emphasized to build quality products and excellent services for member satisfaction. Regarding Internal business process prospective focus is given for operational efficiency by building expertise in technologies and other business areas to make professional SACCOS. Clear strategic direction to build image in the community, special focus is given to increase market share and ethical business. By increasing competency among board members good governance framework is practiced under knowledgeable and involved Board of Directors.

ACCESS Branded SACCOS with Silver

  1. Bindhavasini SACCOS, Kavre
  2. Janasachetan SACCOS, Dolakha
  3. Budol Samudayik SACCOS, Kavre
  4. Shubhakamana SACCOS, Bhaktapur


  1. Samudaik SACCOS, Kavre
  2. Sidhiganesh SACCOS, Bhaktapur
  3. VYCCU SACCOS, Nawalparasi
  4. Kisan SACCOS, Nawalparasi
  5. Scope SACCOS, Lalitpur
  6. Barahi SACCOS, Bhaktapur
  7. Mahila SACCOS, Sunsari
  8. Kisan Kalyan SACCOS, Sunsari

Until now 43 SACCOS are enrolled in ACCESS Branding Process and 12 SACCOS has branded with ACCESS BRONZE (September, 2016).