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During the period, we have seen tremendous growth of our members and accumulated assets. However, we have great challenge to bring non-members SACCOS under NEFSCUN umbrella still more than 75% are not covered. Increased number of affiliation with NEFSCUN, challenge also increased to enhance capacities and develop professionalism for competitive service and sustainability. Furthermore, as cooperative is not exclusively for profit- we must consider social mission while designing programs. Here I would like to highlight emerging theme “Value Based Professionalism for the Gross Happiness of Members”. Nevertheless being financial institutions blending of financial disciplines with international cooperative principles could be a way forward in our movement. To support this initiative- we are focusing on Shaping our Future : Connect, Collaborate and Differentiate, the Asian theme of credit unions this year. Accepting worldwide agenda of cooperatives : Participation, Legal Framework, Sustainability, Identity and Capital are strategically included in our new strategic planning of 2017-2019 to keep the cooperatives candle burning throughout the nation with integrated system.

Our commitment for membership, innovation of updated technology and building professionalism will continue in the days to come. Close monitoring and technical backstop supporting will be integral part for increasing scale and depth of outreach, financial efficiency, quality of services and sustainability. In order to reduce gap between have and have less group, we are implementing promotional activities and Savings in rural areas and management of remittance for the better future of community people.

For our restless effort to ensure good governance, quality in operations and service, financial and social performance, I would like to offer sincere gratitude to our members’ organizations and all stakeholders government of Nepal. I also hope to continue our partnership with all stakeholders and networks to accomplish our mission to help financially underserved people from the community. Thank you again for your efforts in 2016 and I wish all a very rewarding year ahead.

Shivajee Sapkota

Chief Executive Officer