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NEFSCUN is seeking to provide opportunity to the smart people in the cooperative development sector or specially credit unions/SACCOS sector. The vacancy is open to all interested studying students in management and social science. NEFSCUN also supports for the fulfilling the project work and internship experience in our organization located around in Nepal.


For the internship : an academic fulfillment course :

Student can apply in NEFSCUN head office New Baneswar stating with the scope of work and their resume. NEFSCUN will provide work space, their duties and code of conduct. NEFSCUN will prepare the Term of Reference for the assignment and reviewer for their performance and score.

For the Professional Career Development:

Candidates/Students can apply in NEFSCUN head office Newbaneswar with their competency and area of working interest. NEFSCUN will screen their competence, quality of adoptability, dedication and attractiveness. Initially this position is for 3 months and after the satisfactory performance of the candidates in their assigned duties, this term will be extended.

For this position NEFSCUN will provide some pocket allowance to compensate their time. NEFSCUN will have rights to qualify the candidates on their selection and termination of agreement. The area of professional career development are;

  1. Office management
  2. Record Keeping
  3. Information management
  4. Basic accounting
  5. Computerization
  6. Support of Computerized Accounting Software
  7. Call Centers and handling of complains
  8. Reception and secretarial management
  9. Support for NEFSCUN banking service
  10. Documentation of mutual insurance and lending

Requirement : A Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Running on management or social science is must.

Contact : Interested candidates can apply through the email :


Internship program is open.