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PROBATION : Program for Building Absolute and Professionalization

Program for Building Absolute and Professionalization is innovative program of NEFSCUN to provide support for Building Sustainable SACCOS in Nepal. On the occasion of 25th year of establishment and 21st annual general assembly NEFSCUN developed and lunched value based service oriented standardization and accreditation program for members. The followings are area of assessment.

Tools Key Area Weight Number of Indicators
PEARLS Financial 50 15
HIMAL Harmony with Members 10 8
Institutional Development and  Good Governance 15 14
Management and Planning 15 10
Accountability 5 4
Legitimacy 5 4
Total 100 55

Basic criteria for participation: at least 30 million total assets, at least 3 staffs, at least 500 members, applying PEARLS regularly, at least 10 SACCOS in a block (almost 3 districts) and at least 3 years regularly functioning. PROBATION is learning by doing process. Contribution of SACCOS for this program is according to the volume of assets at balance sheet 30 Million -50 Million= Rs 75,000.00, 50 Million -100 Million= Rs 1,00,000.00 and for more than 100 million = Rs 1,25,000.00 only. The duration of program is about 18 Months from the date of agreement.