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NEFSCUN Cooperative System (NECOS) Plus is proposed using C# language and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as a database server. It is completely web based software using Dot Net framework 4.0. It can be run online mode and offline mode. For the online mode public IP can be assigned in one computer and use in server client mode. In case of Offline mode IIS (Internet Information System) server can be used to run in the LAN environment. As this system is web based system, browser interface can be used to run the software. This software is tested in IE 7/Firefox/Google Chrome/ Opera. Thus, any browser can be used on user’s convenience. This Software can be installed in any computer having windows 7 or higher operating system. User can take data backup at any time from the main software as well as it has an automatic backup setting system defined as a trigger in the database server. Multiple user can access the software having different level of security access such as Super Admin, Admin, Operator & Agent. By the requirement of SACCOS in order to centralize the head office and branch NEFSCUN has developed a NECOS Plus Version 2 having ASCCS System (Any Service Center Cooperative System) & EOD system. Also in NECOS Plus Version 2 it gives the PEARLS, Division, ACCESS, PROBATION reports for the SACCOS.

NEFSCUN had developed E-Necos and lunched on 17th July, 2015 and NECOS Plus V2 had bought into a market. Now NEFSCUN is going to developed a Mobile Banking & E-Banking System and the development is under going which will be launched soon.

For the data migration from other system to NECOS Plus system, it has data import system build in. System can be switched from other system to NECOS Plus according a no. of Members & Account Types.

NEFSCUN has implement NECOS Plus user more than 300 SACCOS in 58 District.

NEFSCUN IT Department

Contact Person:

Rajan Subedi (Sr. IT Assistant)

Er. Bijaya Gautam (Sr. IT Assistant)

Pradip Shrestha (IT Assistant)


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