Risk-Based SACCOS Supervision & Monitoring (CURBS)

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Risk-Based SACCOS Supervision & Monitoring (CURBS)

Nepal Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperative Union (NEFSCUN) has completed 30th year of journey of its establishment. During its journey to till date NEFSCUN has done various activities for the sustainable development of the SACCOS. Since last 10 year NEFSCUN has been working for the standardization of the SACCOS as ACCESS in international level to PROBATION and CURBS in national level. Presently 19 SACCOS are accredited with ACCESS and 14 SACCOS with PROBATION brand.

Risk Based SACCOS Supervision and Monitoring (CURBS) is also one of the national level program under standardization ensuring quality in operation and good governance indicators. Presently 19 SACCOS from Kathmandu district has been enrolled in this program where as 11 SACCOS of Dolakha district has recently signed the agreement under this program.

CURBS is a risk measurement tools of SACCOS operation. Under this program supervision and monitoring of SACCOS is done in two sectors with the help of 33 memorable indicators. Where, 17 indicators are from financial and 16 indicators are from management and good governance.

CURBS is working as very essential tools for the risk measurement and setting the standardization of the SACCOS. During the strategic period (2018-2020), NEFSCUN has plan to cover 500 SACCOS with CURBS.