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NEFSCUN has started its stationary supply services since 1993 A.D (B.S 2050) to address emerging cooperatives need of financial transaction in transparent way. Supply services has been one of the core department of NEFSCUN providing all kinds of cooperative stationary sales. To make this service more accessible as in the past years, it focuses on the improved quality products provision of stationary services at the same rate from its central office in Kathmandu, its field office in Itihar, Banke, Chitwan, Dolakha and Dumre respectively. Besides District Unions affiliated to NEFSCUN has been procuring stationary at bulk quantity and endow with supply services ot other cooperative in the districts.The main strategy of NEFSCUN’s supply services is to provide standard and required stationary materials to address member’s need to unify their cooperative accounting system. Now, NEFSCUN’s stationary service includes all the materials used in cooperative management. At the end of FY 2071/2072 (2015), its sales reached up to Rs. 1,14,52,231.94 and targeted to maximize its sales up to 1,20,000,00. As per its prior commitment to review on supply items, NEFSCUN improving its quality to fulfill the need of cooperatives. Also NEFSCUN has frequently take a feedback with the saccos to implement better product and supply.

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