Rehabilitation and Rebuilding Program (RRP)

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Rehabilation and Rebuilding Program (RRP)

The devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in April of 2015 had seriously affected its 14 districts. The study report of NEFSCUN showed 381 member SACCOS damaged, with the property of 1.24 million US $, 655 death, total human affected were 221,370 from 45,177 households. Members’ property and cattle losses were counted as 49.2 US $.

Since then, SACCOS Rehabilitation and Rebuilding program has been introduced where NEFSCUN is working closely with the World Council, ACCU and ICULF to raise funds which can be used to rehabilitate local SACCOs and rebuild communities.

NEFSUN has helped to relocate the member organization to continue the financial literacy and balance the cooperative culture in their community. Maintaining the daily operation and fulfilling the financial need of their community is a core component of this support. Furthermore, NEFSCUN will be supporting to recover the competence and smooth function of SACCOS as well as keeping the members habitual.

NEFSCUN has also been actively involved in planning around the relocation of members; ensuring that basic standards are met.

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